Why does my computer move slow?


It seems to happen every time you get a new computer it starts off super fast and slowly but surely over the years it crawls to a near stand still and you might think that’s just what happens when a computer gets old, it slows down and that’s just the way the universe is. But that is not really the case and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Why computers actually get slower and what you can do to completely reverse it. 

 Having a good battery is important ,When it comes time to replace the battery inside your laptop computer, you may be tempted to save a few bucks and hold off purchasing a new battery. Do not wait  EJoy-Wholesale offers batteries up to 70% for a limited time. A vast majority of the time it’s not actually the hardware of the computer itself slowing down but rather the software that’s been installed over time loading it up taking up space, and straining the resources of the computer which eventually slows it down. .


 1# Disable unwanted startup programs.
One of the major issues is to remove startup programs or at least stop them from starting up. This is pretty obvious and you may already know this but you were not sure of how to do the process. Programs running in the background obviously take up resources such as RAM, CPU Cycles so the more stuff you have starting up the more stuff that’s always running in the background and that’s not good. To prevent this it’s pretty simple, you do not have to uninstall the program all together but what you can do in 

 Using Windows 10- open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + shift + Escape and then go to the startup tab which will show you all the programs that are starting up with Windows. Go through each program and right click and hit disable: they will not start up with Windows anymore.


Image result for start up tab windows 10  

2# Virus and Malware
A virus can limit resources that will interrupt or slow down your computer usage. Windows computers these days have a built-in anti-virus in the form of Windows Defender which is pretty decent but if you’re really not good with computers and you find yourself surfing on sketchy websites this Virus Protection Program may not be good enough.
There are other antivirus programs in which you can do a general Google search for “best antivirus programs” and look for reviews in PC Magazine. Find the best one and make sure it scans. If you can find a paid antivirus program it will come with additional features such as Internet Security which is highly recommended to stop random virus attacks, and  preemptive virus measures. 


Another reason why your computer may be slowing down is because there may files that are taking up a ton of space on your hard drive and you are running out of free space. The outer space of the hard drive is going to be moving faster than the inner part of the plate within the drive- eventually as it fills up it starts to moves data inwards.
It’s important to delete files over time while your computer optimizes the drive to improve in space  Over time you will notice the Improvement. These files include temporary files. You can use a program called CCleaner which will search through temporary files and clear them out. 



Image result for COMPUTER DISK DRIVE

 4# Check Disk Command (CHKDSK) 
Go to the start menu, type cmnd then hit enter. You should see Administrator Command Prompt s window and type in CHKDSK /F and hit enter.  This procedure will check for any errors and improve your hard drive. It’s also important to make sure that your computer is completely backed up on a separate hard drive 



Right click on to the start menu and search for “power options”. Click on it… then you will get a control panel power options window. Here you can see the default power plan is set to balanced. Change it to “high performance”. 

 Image result for power options windows 10

Go to the start menu ( Windows icon)using your mouse-  right click then type: %temp%
% temp %,  and then  click on okay, now you will see a folder containing all temporary files. Highlight everything in this folder and hit delete. These are all temporary files slowing down your computer.

Image result for start menu windows icon on desktop

Use the mouse to right click then, drag the mouse across  the entire section (files) then press delete.
 Image result for %temp% files 


Go to the start button located on the lower left hand corner will you see the Microsoft icon. Right click choose the Run option and hit enter .


Right click on to Microsoft Windows icon- choose run-type and prefetch”- hit okay- delete all file.

 Select them all by using CTRL 8. Or ( drag the mouse key over the left hand corner of all files) , while holding down with one finger and dragging the other And then delete. Go to your desktop and right click on to the recycle bin, choose empty recycle bin.

Go to the bottom of your screen and click on the file icon. Right click on to your C drive and choose the option for properties. 


A pop-up window will open, choose disk cleanup you will then see “disk cleanup calculating”


 A new window will emerge for disk cleanup. Check the boxes to remove temporary internet files, then click okay.


 You will see the option "are you sure you want to permanently delete these" files, click “ deflect files” ….This last step will take a several minutes to complete so allow time




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