Should I buy apple or andriods phones?

Buying iPhone VS Android : which is better?

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Today we are going to tackle the age-old question of which is better Apple or Android? There is no definitive answer in terms of which is better. Nonetheless, we can discuss the main differences in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of both because there are significant advantages to both.

 Even though they have gotten a lot similar in performance over the past couple of years. There are some things that are pretty different and will depend on what you prefer. 

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Easy backup/ Restore -Apple IOS winner!

The upgrading, backing up, and restore process with Apple iOS is very easily done. With the iPhone it is all under Apple’s whole ecosystem so it is all very controlled, and very consistent which means you can backup your phone “as is” and it will work on the next phone. This procedure does not work with Android because there are so many varieties of phones and manufacturers.

But with IOS, when you backup your phone (and restore) whether it is on the same phone or an upgraded phone, you are going to include all of your passwords, settings, applications and you do not have to change anything.

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That procedure does not work on Android even though you can backup and restore the same applications a lot of times you will have to type in a new password, change your settings from the way they originally were.

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I message- Apple IOS Winner! 

This is a far superior service than regular SMS as you probably know if you have ever used it. Now with imessage it only works between two iOS devices so if your messaging someone who’s not on the iOS then it sends as regular SMS. With Imessage you can do a lot of stuff such as send your location which pops up on Google Maps during your message. 

You can send videos with images a lot easier whereas SMS has an arbitrary size limit depending on your carrier and sometimes it does not work property without warning. I Message is clearly  better in every way!

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 No waiting for OS updates- Winner Apple iOS

Another big advantage of the iOS platform is that you do not have to wait for updates as they get pushed out by Apple and you can install then unless your phone is really, really old. Whereas on Android if there is a brand update (like Android 8.0.) Some of the latest Android phones may never get that update because the manufacturers never made it for  specific phones and carriers take forever to promote it.

Additionally, another advantage of the app store for iOS is that iTunes is much more restrictive than it is on the Google Play 

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NO BLOATWARE- Winner apple IOS

You will not have the problem of bloat-ware with iPhones. Apple will not allow carriers to push them around with unnecessary items such as bloat-ware, tech support apps, DirecTV.  Items that you will never use. Whereas on Android devices are almost going to be guarantee to have some form of junk applications that you will do not need. 

Faster third party integration-Winner Apple IOS

Third party company and services typically support apple and iOS devices before they support Android. Maybe not that much earlier but it does happen. So for example: Apple pay will be supported by a lot of stores before Android (Google Pay) even though there are more Android users in total. It might be counterintuitive but more  consumers use Android than iOS but for whatever reason Apple just has a reputation to support their smartphones better.


Much better support- Winner Apple IOS

Apple has better customer  support than Android. Apple has better support because at its core it is a consumer electronics company. Apple is  all about the customer and selling devices. 


Widgets- Winner Android!

Android beats Apple when it comes to widgets. With Android you can install widgets from different applications right on your home screen among the other app icons and they can show real-time information such as weather, calendar, or notes. So you can’t do that with the iPhone. 

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Customization- Android winner!

Another huge advantage of Android is that it just overall offers better general customization such as having the ability to change default applications. With Apple IOS for example you cannot change the default map application with  (Apple iOS) You can use Google but you have to go into it manually but cannot have other apps open simultaneously in Google Maps.

 If you do not like the interface of Apple’s messaging application you have to use it. Whereas on Android phones you can text row which I think is much better.  

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Applications-system integration- Android winner!

The applications on Android have much better system integration than do the Apple iOS. On iOS applications are really on lockdown and very limited in what they can do in the background which is kind of like a double-edged sword because they use less battery.

 But on Android you can do things like screen overlays which consists of things that might pop up like the Twilight application that kind of dims the screen and overlays a color to have better eyesight at night. With iOS you have absolutely no control over the screen even with things as simple as running tasks scheduled in the background.

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Better notifications - Android winner!

The Android notification system is so much better than iOS. With Android there is a natural process a receiving a notification which shows a small icon at the top of your home screen. You know when to check and review all your notifications instantly by simply swiping down and having more details about each notification. With IOS there is no “grouped” notification which means that if you are on the phone and you are involved in a group each individual message is loaded onto your screen which crowds the screen.


Google assistant is better than Siri- Android winner!

The Google assistant is better because quite frankly, the company has put a ton of effort into artificial intelligence where Apple has kind of let it’s Siri system go stagnate and fall behind. The Google assistant is much better at understanding average conversational speaking - you can give a command in a lot of different ways. 

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More affordable- Andriod Winner!

Android is more affordable: If you are on a budget you can get a really good Android phone for lower price whereas if you want to spend less than $300 you’re going to have to get an iPhone that is a couple of years old. There are budget manufacturers for Android phones that do a really good. Also, there are many more devices on Android to choose from compared to iOS you are stuck with what Apple wants to give you and the features are pretty much the same each year with minor changes. 

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Cheaper accessories- Andriod Winner!

Android accessories are much more affordable than Apple iOS accessories. For example if you want to purchase a charging cable Android uses USB ,USBC and it’s all universal so there are a lot of manufacturers. If you buy a charging cable from LG, Samsung or Google directly you know you are going to get a quality product. 

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