Shipping Policy


Domestic Shipping will take up to 6 to 12 business days.

International shipping will take 19 to 27 business days,

We will ship the item and provide a tracking number at least 3 days before the product/package arrives


If you need to return an item you can ship it back to:


P.O. Box 37136

Philadelphia Pa. 19148 

Attention: James Simmons  


If you are shipping the product:

  • Carefully package the item(s) and include the packing slip.

  • Write the reason for returning the product on your packing slip; if the packing slip is not available, please provide the purchase date, the original invoice number and the item number for the product.


Terms of Sale, Shipping, Warranties

Regardless of any terms or instructions to the contrary in any documents or communication made by a visitor or potential customer of ejoyelectronics, any sales made from ejoyelectronics whether through our website, retail stores and/or our call centers, shall be subject solely to the terms of sales, shipping methods/fees/times, and product warranty (if any) and all other terms and conditions set forth in writing on the ejoyelectronics site and/or catalog. Any other terms or instructions supplied in any manner by a visitor or customer are void and are hereby replaced in their entirety by the ejoyelectronics.